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学术前沿讲座2022年第18期:Challenges in Machine Learning and Game Theory for Social Impact


报告题目:Challenges in Machine Learning and Game Theory for Social Impact

讲座时间:2022年7月6日(周三) 09:00-10:00


邀请人:沈蔚然 beat365体育亚洲官网在线下载准聘助理教授


Many real-world challenges we face involve multiple self-interested decision-makers who interact with each other in an environment full of uncertainty. This talk covers our work on machine learning and game theory that can be used to tackle such challenges in security, environmental sustainability, and food security domains. One of our early works has been deployed by the US Coast Guard for protecting the Staten Island Ferry in New York City since April 2013. Another work has led to the deployment of PAWS (Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security) in multiple conservation areas around the world, which provides predictive and prescriptive analysis for anti-poaching efforts. In addition, our recent work has been used by 412 Food Rescue, a non-profit volunteer-based food rescue platform to improve their operational efficiency. The talk will also cover some of our attempts in addressing the fundamental challenges at the intersection of machine learning and game theory.


方飞博士现任卡内基梅隆大学助理教授。此前,她曾于哈佛大学任博士后研究员,并于美国南加州大学获得博士学位。她的研究领域是人工智能和多智能体系统,主要聚焦在机器学习和博弈论的结合方向。她的研究兴趣志在将人工智能应用于安全、可持续性和移动领域,并为促进社会福祉做出贡献。她是2022年斯隆研究奖学金和第30届国际人工智能联席会议(IJCAI-21)计算机与思想奖的获得者。她被 IEEE列为2020年智能系统领域“AI十大值得关注的人”。她的发表还曾获得过AAAI’21最佳论文提名奖,IJCAI-ECAI’18杰出论文奖,IAAI’16创新应用奖,以及 IJCAI’15的计算可持续性研究的杰出论文奖。2021年,她获得了美国国家科学基金会CAREER Award奖。